Designing structural elements into a landscape

Designing structural elements into a landscape

When admiring a landscape, be it natural or man-made, often it’s the permanent unchanging features like rock forms or rustic timbers that draw the eye with their complex unyielding textures, muted colours and weathered surfaces. Some of these forms may have been centuries or millenniums in the making and the wondering of these timelines make them all the more fascinating.

As a country we are blessed with the availability of all manner of stone, rock and timber sources, many of which can be acquired in a natural weathered state or will soon take on natural patinas as the garden matures.

Even small areas of carefully arranged naturally sculptured feature stones and weathered timber can draw in the eye from an otherwise sterile or leafy environment. The Japanese have been masters of this art for thousands of years.

Artisan re-working of stone and timber can reveal a mystery and majesty by opening the heart and soul of a showpiece, either in subtle way or a dramatic exposition.

Nature is history, history is nature. Bringing these features into a garden landscape can be very meditative, relaxing and involving, not to mention the endurance and heritage that goes with the investment.

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