Erosion Control

Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective and Gary is very enthusiastic about his discovery of the “TerraLock Environmental Erosion Control System”, that he has used to great effect to solve a variety of erosion and stability problems around the region.

Based on the old fashioned sand bag system used for flood control for centuries, the “TerraLock Environmental Erosion Control System” uses bags made from a modern technology Geotextile fabric designed to be water permeable whilst retaining the fill material inside them. Being felted rather than woven fabric it is rip resistant and it has a designed lifespan of 20 plus years. The material used to fill the bags is usually soil based, in most instances sourced onsite. A unique spiked locking plate is placed between layers of bags and forms the basic engineering of the system, but here is the clever bit – the bags are root permeable and are therefore plantable which not only enhances the walls strength but ultimately disguises the walls construction so as to be almost invisible.

The organic shape and mouldability of the system adapts easily to almost any landform situation or erosion problem and requires only the most basic of tools and equipment, making the installation extremely cost effective and flexible.

Fully engineered retaining walls are also possible by using in conjunction with GeoGrid structural mesh linked horizontally into the wall face. By adding in layers of GeoGrid mesh going horizontally proportional to the intended wall height and then backfilled over with compacted soil, an integral flexible structure is formed that can be engineer designed to meet most retaining requirements at significantly less cost than other systems.