Gary Bjerring, Landscape Designer

Gary Bjerring Landscape Designer

Born and brought up on a coastal Coromandel farm, Gary left school to work in aircraft engineering, later becoming a design draftsman in aircraft, electronics, heavy engineering and building construction. An extended period of exploration and travel combined with an introduction to landscape construction evolved a passion in landscape design – specifically around strong structural elements, natural rockwork and the use of water and fire.

The Brand

The brand Wild Exposure derives out of his unique style of manipulating nature into human lifestyles and over several decades Gary has overseen the transformation of many exclusive properties in the Waikato and beyond into iconic landmarks instantly recognisable as Wild Exposure “Adventurous Landscape Creations”.

Support Team

Gary has an extensive network of talented installers, artisans, suppliers, engineers, stonemasons and craftsman that subcontract to Wild Exposure ensuring every design detail and eventuality is attended to with pride at every level.

Exhibition Landscaping

Gary’s extensive history of award winning exhibition landscaping at several significant shows has evolved a talent for creating entertainment and leisure themed gardens and installations, both private and public and many stand testament to his highly developed skill of making inviting, involving and relaxing outdoor spaces.

Artisans & Nightscaping

Being somewhat of an artist on a grand scale, Gary has become friends with many sculptors and artisans and he loves to recommend their works to clients who like adding human endeavour into their worlds.
Nightscaping is Gary’s word to describe his enthusiasm for adding lighting into his designs so that people can enjoy the different focus, drama and mood that careful placement makes in the darker hours.


Gary’s extensive travels in NZ’s wildest places has given him a strong impetus for native plantings which bode well with his penchant for things natural, but will turn to exotic specimens when working to themes and heritage.

Total Project Service

Gary’s open, friendly and involving personality means he maintains long, ongoing relationships with many of his clients and contractors some going back decades. This means he is qualified to act as facilitator, motivator and project supervisor as well as his design input.